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Well, we all know that J-Hope, Jin, V, Suga, RM, Jungkook, and Jimin all are presently single, but there are loads of rumors about their past girlfriends.

Being a true BTS fan, you must be eager to know those stories that are related to the love life of your favorite romantic singers. Before we talk more about them, let me tell you that many people in the industry believe that there is a rule that K-pop stars cannot have girlfriends. But this is actually just a rumor.

The true fact is that the BTS group is highly dedicated to their performances; they spend most of their time practicing so that they can bring the best collections in front of their audience worldwide. In such situations, it is really difficult to find time for dating. However, it doesn’t mean that they were never in a relationship in the past.

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If we look at the online reports, Jungkook is more interested in having a woman with 168 cm height with features like good cooking skills, pretty legs, a smart, good singer and ability to be a good wife. But it is often heard that earlier he dated Hung Chae Yeon from DIA and Jeong Ye from Lovelyz. Even in the year 2015, he is believed to have dated So-Hyun, a CUBE trainee.

On the other side, Jimin is currently single, but his relationship status went viral over social media a few years back. It was believed that he dated Han Seung-Yeon, K-Pop star from KARA group. They met each other during a promotion when they were working on the same platform. As for RM, he is currently single, and surprisingly, there were no rumors about him dating anyone in the past. Some social media channels say that RM was in a relationship during his school days. But as per the recent rumor, the chances are that RM has a secret girlfriend whom he had not introduced to the world till now.

Like most other members of the group, Jin also had some dating rumors in his life. Some reports revealed that he dated the most popular comedian, Lee Gook Joo in the past. This news was also confirmed by the comedian star in an interview recently. Suga is another widely popular star among all other BTS members. Currently, he is single, but one needs to make real effort to be with him with his busy schedule. Then comes V, who has an open and widely known relationship status from long ago. Some rumors revealed that V was once dating one of his fans, and these rumors were believed to be true after his post on Instagram saying Hi Nuna.

Finally, J-Hope, the last member of the group, is more connected to the multiple dating rumors with active links. Some reports also reveal that J-Hope was in a relationship before joining BTS group, but she left him for someone else. Read this post also on how to become BTS fan

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