How to be the Perfect BTS Fan

If you love Korean Pop, you must be a die heart fan of BTS band. This is a group of seven handsome Korean Boys who created history worldwide with their amazing lyrics, dance music, and romantic collections. This band is popular not just in Korean, they have a huge fan following internationally.

You will be surprised to know that this band has all hardcore Korean singers with only one boy who can speak English fluently. Still, they didn’t just entertain American fans for past several years, they also maintained a high rank in the US Billboard. BTS Band won the hearts of millions of music lovers around the world, and those fans are better known as BTS ARMY worldwide.

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In order to show their love towards BTS, people often keep on trying several unique things. Few of them are listed below:

  • The dance moves:

BTS fans are always curious to copy the creative and unique dance moves of BTS Band. You may even find several of those videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. Which many keep on practicing those moves in their bedroom. After all, they are too good to follow.

  • BTS earrings:

How can we forget to talk about BTS earrings? They are always special and represent a connection with the BTS band. You can easily find a unique collection of earrings in the BTS merch store online specialized in BTS earrings and pick the most attractive ones at affordable prices. Wear them to the BTS events, and you will definitely rock with all your friends.

  • Fan projects:

BTS fans are not just conscious about music and stage shows; they are active in many other fields as well. You will be happy to hear that a true BTS fan is always eager to work for charities. Stats reveal that many of such projects are running in more than 70 countries, and the fans keep on working hard to raise money for the community. This is definitely a great move by the BTS ARMY.

  • Devotion:

The BTS fans are devoted to the group, and they always share affection with each other as well. BTS members love to join events all over the world. And at the same time, they are always motivated to stay active on social media. They never mess with rude posts; rather, they support each other and share true affection with the K-Pop culture.

So, it is time to get ready for the next BTS Band event with all your accessories.


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