BTS Memes

Perfect Match

Lets be honest here, this man looks good with every possible pair of glasses. One face to wear them all.

Shaky Fists

When Jimin gets excited he tends to clutch his fists and shake them rapidly. It's adorable.

Exit With Style

An epic entrance is always important, but an exit can be as memorable. This is one fine example of how to excite all BTS fans before leaving their view.

Distracted Jimin forgot it's his turn to sing

Recording yourself to get the best possible look takes a lot of brainpower. But he definitely underestimated the amount of time it will take to finish his masterpiece.

Jin Confuses ARMY bomb with mic

We can't blame him. How many people sang in their room with the ARMY bomb as a mic? Doing it on stage just made us look less crazy.


This one is a classic. There are so many versions of Jungkook just staring off in the distance that he became the face of the "shook" meme. There is a version for every situation possible!

Dirty Water

BTS members were practicing their English on the plane. During that time Jimin accidentally spit a bit on J-Hope. What came next was pure gold.

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